• Cement cut and polish (Titanium)


Having established this new venture in late 90’s, Ramasa Terrazzo has been able to survive in the industry by combining old traditions with contemporary inventions to cater to the dynamic markets of today.
We offer a variety of titanium flooring which are of contemporary designs and provides a state of the art look hence enriching the living experience. We help in the selection and flooring process whilst ensuring that our products are of affordable prices and highest quality. Hence, titanium flooring is highly in demand and Ramasa Terrazzo is proud to be one of the market leaders in this category offering affordable and high quality services for a market only available in Sri Lanka. In the near future, we hope to expand our operations overseas.

In this aspect too we are been recommended by famous architects of Sri Lanka. Do you want to know WHO RECOMMENDS US?

  • Jeffry Bava
  • Bernard Gomez
  • Aqila Pieris
  • Lucky Gallage
  • Vinod Jayasinghe
  • Provides a contemporary look whilst maintaining an traditional aesthetic look as well
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Provides a cool atmosphere
  • Variety of colours
  • Only available in Sri Lanka


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