Ramasa Terrazzo has been in the terrazzo industry for over 40 years. With our accumulated industry experience, we offer an elegant array of terrazzo styles and design to cater to individual needs whether it is for residential, industrial or commercial purposes. We assist in selection of the flooring and also complete the flooring to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.
Why choose terrazzo?
  • Durability
    It is very dense and suitable for use in areas that receive lots of traffic such as kitchens and hallways. This type of flooring should last for life if you maintain it properly.
you simply have to sweep up the floor often to remove dust that can act as an abrasive. It's important not to use abrasive cleaners because you'll probably cause damage to your floor.

As long as you seal it, water shouldn't be able to penetrate it. This also helps keep the floor from harboring bacteria which makes it useful for those who suffer from allergies.

you will also like the fact that terrazzo flooring doesn't harm the environment. It is constructed out of all natural materials including sand, marble, and other types of stone. You can even recycle this type of floor.

We are also been recommended by famous architects of Sri Lanka. Do you want to know WHO RECOMMENDS US?
Mr. Weerasighe
Mr. Bandusena


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