Concrete grinding, cut and polish


At Ramasa Terrazzo, We select the required stones and cement for grinding, cut it and polish it for customer requirements, whether it is rough or smooth cuts for residential or commercial purposes.
 We are also honoured to be the exclusive agent “unique polished concrete” for florex Australia and we carry out our procedures with the highest quality imported tools and machinery. We cut and apply epoxy and then polish it giving it a fine finish of perfect standards making any interior look sleek and rich.


Residential Polished Floor Benefits:

  • Cost savings:
  • Longer life-cycle savings:
  • Easy to clean:
  • Available in wide variety of colours and designs


Commercial and Retail Polished Floor Benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • More resistant to high foot traffic
  • Less maintenance and longer service life:
  • Polished floors are easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping.
  • High light reflectivity:
  • Important for office building floors, hotels, restaurants, and other public facilities that want to project a bright, clean, professional image
  • Is a sustainable flooring alternative:
  • Polished concrete does not require hazardous coatings, cleaners or adhesives

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